Songs of Origin and Spirit — Ślęża

Full “Songs of Origin and Spirit” covert art.
Full “Songs of Origin and Spirit” covert art.

Working on “Songs of Origin and Spirit” was a great opportunity to share my vision together with amazing 3 artists. All of them – Mosaic, Osi and the Jupiter and Fellwarden did a great job at bringing this vision to life through each other unique approach.

I’m pleased to once again remind all of my four songs written for this release.

1. Ślęża

This song as a lot of my work was inspired by the holy Ślęża mountain. The idea and first sketch was created during and shortly after one of the visits on the mountain. By recording this song I wanted to create the atmosphere similar I feel every time I visit this place. It’s at the same time soothing and peaceful as a bit frightening.

I still have a very limited amount of “Songs of Origin and Spirit” CDs available through my Bandcamp page.

Forest around Ślęża mountain
Forest around Ślęża mountain

During the next weeks I will continue to post short stories about my songs from “Songs of Origin and Spirit”.

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