Giants – appreciation post

It’s been three weeks since release of “Giants”, my side-project ambient EP. I’m really grateful for all the positive feedback, all you comments and messages. Currently I’m focusing on writing process of By The Spirits next full length, it needs some time as this one is going to be more complex I would say then the previous album. However, at the same time continuing my journey with ambient/drone and field recordings, in parallel I’m working on the next EP. Meanwhile also I decided to release “Giants” on tape, there’s no schedule or deadline for this yet, I need to figure out a few things, but I’ll keep you updated, that’s for sure.

Also, I’ve been thinking about starting to play live with my ambient songs, this is going to be interesting part of this journey and I’m really excited about it. If you’re interested in booking me with my ambient set, please, hit me up on my social media or just use email bythespirits (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you haven’t checked it yet, you can listen to my EP on


While following my musical journey with By The Spirits, very often I came across different sounds and ways of creating them. I started to experiment, and use new instruments, and effects. While parts of this exploration suited well to how I see By The Spirits sound, some parts started to head in a very different direction. Experimenting with ambient/drone music, synth sounds, and field recordings led me to the point where I decided to bring to life a kind of side project. It doesn’t have any special name, it’s just my full name. Although this is a new project, By The Spirits of course is still live, I’m currently working on a new album. You can treat this project as a supplement to what By The Spirits is. Still, the main inspiration is nature, in the future, you also will be able to find some clearly visible connections between this project and By The Spirits (both musically, visually, and in the layer of lyrics). With this project, you can expect sound experiments, soothing ambient/drone tracks, field recordings, etc.

Songs of Origin and Spirit — Solitary II

This is my last song on Songs of Origin and Spirit release. I really wanted to create an atmospheric song which will sound good not only in the studio version, but also will be possible to perform live, playing solo shows. The result was very satisfying even though I haven’t had many opportunities to try playing it live. The only ona attempt was XIX Wrocław Industrial Festival, you can find the full video of my set from the online edition of the festival on my YouTube channel.

Imagine being alone in the woods, you can watch the sunset, listen to the sound of nature. With this song, I wanted to tell a story about one of these moments. Don’t forget to bring the offerings for the spirits of the forest.

I still have a very limited amount of “Songs of Origin and Spirit” CDs available through my Bandcamp page.

Songs of Origin and Spirit — Dead Stars

I was dealing with the idea of this song for so long. I decided to use here the text which I wrote at the very beginning of By The Spirits life. It still applies to my vision of the world and the universe. Musically I wanted to give it some kind of mystery, hide behind the drums and drones to make it more powerful. Let the lyrics speak for themselves.

I decided to publish full lyrics to this song here, on my website. I’ve never done this before with any of my lyrics. Some of you, who own first copies of my demo can be familiar with the text below.

We are the dust, we are the dead stars looking back at ourselves. Death is not the end, all we do is come back where we belong and then rebirth again and again. Our body is nothing but a vehicle for the spirit. Let us praise the forests, the nature, the universe. You need to open your mind and heart, explore your spirituality to reach the highest level of consciousness. Once you kill the lower self, the old gods will show you the real light within the darkness. Then you will realise the truth.

I have still a very limited amount of “Songs of Origin and Spirit” CDs available through my Bandcamp page.

Songs of Origin and Spirit — Solitary I

This week I wanted to remind my second song from Songs of Origin and Spirit. It’s more classic-sound neofolk song but with this release, I decided to go more into the experimental area of what I create, so this song is the only one which you can easily describe as folk or neofolk.

This song is a first part of the “Solitary” series I created for this release. This song is about celebrating being alone deep in the woods. Connecting with nature and living a peaceful life.

If you’re still interested in buying a CD, just head to my Bandcamp page for more info.

Songs of Origin and Spirit — Ślęża

Full “Songs of Origin and Spirit” covert art.
Full “Songs of Origin and Spirit” covert art.

Working on “Songs of Origin and Spirit” was a great opportunity to share my vision together with amazing 3 artists. All of them – Mosaic, Osi and the Jupiter and Fellwarden did a great job at bringing this vision to life through each other unique approach.

I’m pleased to once again remind all of my four songs written for this release.

1. Ślęża

This song as a lot of my work was inspired by the holy Ślęża mountain. The idea and first sketch was created during and shortly after one of the visits on the mountain. By recording this song I wanted to create the atmosphere similar I feel every time I visit this place. It’s at the same time soothing and peaceful as a bit frightening.

I still have a very limited amount of “Songs of Origin and Spirit” CDs available through my Bandcamp page.

Forest around Ślęża mountain
Forest around Ślęża mountain

During the next weeks I will continue to post short stories about my songs from “Songs of Origin and Spirit”.

Songs of Origin and Spirit

The real presentation of “Songs of Origin and Spirit” CD.

The collaboration album with Mosaic, Osi And The Jupiter and Fellwarden. Now available as Limited collectors edition CD with a 12-page booklet incl. liner-notes. Brought to you by Eisenwald.

Get it here:



Four artists, sixteen songs, and one long journey through realms that at present, exist only within the confines of our minds yet that one day, we can hopefully return to – unfettered and unhindered. Until that point, may ‘Songs of Origin and Spirit’ help guide the lost and sooth souls in this troubled epoch.