Interview with

January 2020

Like so many other areas of life, the music industry has been hit hard by the corona pandemic. Martin van Valkenstijn of MOSAIC, however, made a virtue of necessity and got in touch with his label mates OSI AND THE JUPITER, FELLWARDEN and BY THE SPIRITS to create an extensive split with them: „Songs Of Origin And Spirit“. In our detailed interview the four musicians talk about their spirituality, the impact of their origins on their art and the shadowy existence of the split format.

Stephan Rajchl,


August 2019

“By the Spirits” is a one-man-neofolk project, descending from the mountainsides of wild lower silesia. MICHAL KRAWCZUK, the artist behind BTS describes his music as “Praise to the glory of nature”. With his latest album “We are falling” M.Krawczuk is traveling down his own spiritual path, through the deep dark and misty Silesian woods, looking for answers. Answers that might help to heal the wound that gaps between human nature, “civilized cultures” and the restoration of real love. Stylistic somewhere between King Dude, acoustic DIJ and OTWATM, By the spirits is a really interesting Project, in music, attitude and message. Michal Krawczuk was obligingly willing to talk about the more spiritual and ideological aspects of BTS…..