While following my musical journey with By The Spirits, very often I came across different sounds and ways of creating them. I started to experiment, and use new instruments, and effects. While parts of this exploration suited well to how I see By The Spirits sound, some parts started to head in a very different direction. Experimenting with ambient/drone music, synth sounds, and field recordings led me to the point where I decided to bring to life a kind of side project. It doesn’t have any special name, it’s just my full name. Although this is a new project, By The Spirits of course is still live, I’m currently working on a new album. You can treat this project as a supplement to what By The Spirits is. Still, the main inspiration is nature, in the future, you also will be able to find some clearly visible connections between this project and By The Spirits (both musically, visually, and in the layer of lyrics). With this project, you can expect sound experiments, soothing ambient/drone tracks, field recordings, etc.

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