Songs of Origin and Spirit — Dead Stars

I was dealing with the idea of this song for so long. I decided to use here the text which I wrote at the very beginning of By The Spirits life. It still applies to my vision of the world and the universe. Musically I wanted to give it some kind of mystery, hide behind the drums and drones to make it more powerful. Let the lyrics speak for themselves.

I decided to publish full lyrics to this song here, on my website. I’ve never done this before with any of my lyrics. Some of you, who own first copies of my demo can be familiar with the text below.

We are the dust, we are the dead stars looking back at ourselves. Death is not the end, all we do is come back where we belong and then rebirth again and again. Our body is nothing but a vehicle for the spirit. Let us praise the forests, the nature, the universe. You need to open your mind and heart, explore your spirituality to reach the highest level of consciousness. Once you kill the lower self, the old gods will show you the real light within the darkness. Then you will realise the truth.

I have still a very limited amount of “Songs of Origin and Spirit” CDs available through my Bandcamp page.

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