By The Spirits – Nim Wstanie Dzień, originally preformed by Edmund Fetting is now online on YouTube.

Full video available now on YouTube


After tomorrow’s newsletter, together with Eisenwald, we have more news for you.
Today, a few months after the release of „Visions” you can finally buy a special wooden box edition. Box contains regular „Visions” CD, special incense „Fir and Pine” prepared by House of Inkantation and additional tape with ambient material, prepared only for this release. Find the boxes in Eisenwald store.

As an addition, we premiere today a new playlist. Playlist is called „In the mountains forever” and is a collection of songs for a lone wandering through the woods and mountains. I hope you will enjoy.

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I’m happy to announce my performance at Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2020. Make sure to subscribe a special event I created on Facebook.

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In Ruin released today their newest single „Hagalaz” with my guest vocals. It was a pleasure to sing this beautiful chorus together with Terry.

Listen to the „Hagalaz” here:

I’m very happy to announce that in January 2020 I will have the opportunity to visit Moscow and Sankt Petersburg to play two shows there together with Die Weisse Rosse, Vril Jager and Les Chasseurs de la Nuit.

I’m very happy to announce that „Visions” is finally out today! You can now listen to the full release through all streaming platforms as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, Bandcamp etc.

Physical copies of CDs and tapes are available here:

Europe / World

North America


Ask also your local distributors to get a copy!

Today we would like to share with you the last single from „Visions” before the premiere of the full album. „Land of Light” is one of the previously unreleased songs. Pre-order for „Visions” is still up.